Our Company



WEBETTER – Represents Web-Better. Our company aims to make the web better, in order to make the world better. WEBETTER is under the iGears Group.

iGears Group

Our Team

  • Project Manager

Organizing the whole project, for schedule and quality management.
Communications between our clients and our teams.

  • Consultants

Consult our clients about what they need and what they should do.

  • Designer

Art Direction and interface design.

  • Developers

Coding for website, backend system, CMS, Mobile Apps and servers.

  • Customer Support

Support service for any difficulties and needs.


To fulfil our clients’ needs. Clients’ succeed is our mission.

Why Choose Us

One Stop

We provide one stop solution, all rounded, from technical to design, from mobile app to digital marketing.

10+ years experiences

We have served our clients for over 10 years. They include the Governments, Hospitals, Schools, Organizations, Enterprises, SME, NGOs, Churches and more.

We have what you need

We know what you need. We have what you need.

Find me.

phone: (852) 2117-8811
whatsapp: (852) 5160 3621
email: sales@igears.com.hk