Content Management System (CMS)


CMS Introduction

No Installation. Easy Update.
Data Management

CMS is an online system that establishes, manages and maintains website content. We provide the most reliable, fast management and website updates. You don’t need to worry about maintenance, in which will give you more time to concentrate on your other daily business. Our targets are very extensive that it fits any company. Other than website building, we also have many other services, such as: online survey, account management and achievement release.

Advantage of WEBETTER CMS

Safety High safety features – Our CMS is compiled and enhanced to maximize it’s safety and security to prevent from the attack by hackers.
Custom-fit Service All of our CMS features are custom-fit and programmed according to the web design and industrial needs. All functions are designed according to the needs of specific industries.
Support Our professional support – We provide technical support and hotline inquiries. We also provide consultation on how to make use of your website with digital marketing to boost your business.
User Friendly User friendly design enable most non-technical users to keep their website updated easily.

Functions and Features

Functions and Features including Content Complier, Supports multi-media, Automatic image resizing etc. Here are some of the features:

General Content Editor
User can modify website content or images and it is equipped with different preset layouts for user to choose from.
Photo Album Management
User can modify album/event photos/photo details, system will upload photos accordingly.
Video Album
User can upload video, or to insert other server’s video (For example: YouTube).
Members’ login and registration is available, so that members can inquire more information and activities. Furthermore, user can save, look up or manage members’ information through CMS.
News management
User will be able to modify the most updated news, types, titles, images and time of announcement; it will also show up on the front page. User can even search for history according to its type, year and month.
Events Management
User can modify activity/course information or images; online registration is also available.
Inquiry Form and Map
User can modify company or organization’s contact address and information; they can also add in an online inquiry form to send to a specific email.
Online Voting
User can create online voting poll, and be able to modify its contents.
Online Shop
User can modify product’s information, for members to shop online conveniently.
Registered members can post, reply and delete any content in the forum. Manager has the power to manage and delete any post or reply.
Online Survey
User can create survey, Q&A; and a report for statistic purposes.

Our Clients

Served the Government, NGOs, Listed companies, Enterprises, SME, Hospitals, Schools, churches and etc. Provided services including website design, Mobile App Design, e-card design, edm design and etc…

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