SME Website Design Package

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Web Design is the blending of Art and Technology.
We design and program.

SME Web Design Package

Backend System – CMS YES
Mobile Friendly (Responsive Web Design) YES
Search Engine Friendly (SEO) YES
Social Network Linkage YES
Professional look and feel YES
FREE Hosting Service YES
FREE Email Accounts 10
Google search engine subscription service YES
Keywords for Search Engine YES
Your own domain name (.com) YES

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Why Mobile Friendly?

According to latest research,

75% of users prefer mobile-friendly website
74% more likely return after visited mobile-friendly website
67% more likely to enjoy interacting with mobile-friendly website

In 2015, mobile internet took over desktop internet usage.

Does your website support mobile devices (Responsive)?

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phone: (852) 2117-8811
WhatsApp: (852) 5160-3621