About Us

Web design

We provide web design services, including UX/UI design for Hong Kong organizations and enterprises. Among these services, responsive web design supports mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. It automatically adjusts the size of web pages. There are many institutions and companies in Hong Kong. Their rankings are often limited to company size, human resources, and capital, thus limiting their market visibility. We provide website design services for Hong Kong organizations and enterprises. We hope to help customers increase their visibility through our ten years of experience and an excellent production team.


Represents Web-Better. As a web design company, we listen to the needs of customers and provide website designs according to their requirements. Customer success is our mission. Our goal is to make the network a better place, and to make the world a better place. WEBETTER is part of the iGears Group.
iGears Technology

Our Team

Project Manager

Organize the entire project, supervise the progress and quality of the project. In charge of the communication between the team and the customer.


Consult customers, understand their needs, and ask them for materials needed for design.


Art direction and interface design.


Coding for websites, back-end systems, center management systems (CMS), mobile apps, and servers.

Customer Service

Solve customer's difficulties and provide support services.


One-stop service

We provide a full range of one-stop solutions, from technology to design, and from mobile apps to digital marketing.

More than 10 years of experience

We have served customers for more than ten years, including governments, hospitals, schools, organizations, enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, non-governmental organizations, churches, etc.

We understand what you need

We understand customer needs and provide web design services to customers.