Web design and production process

1. Preliminary Quotation

We will make a preliminary estimate based on the information and requirements provided by the customers, such as website production styles and functions. We will apply them to the web design package selected by the customers.

2. Understand customers' needs

We meet with the customers to determine the service details and provide the customers with a formal quotation. After the customers confirm the quotation, a 40% deposit is required.

3. Information provided by the customers

We discuss the website design and function with our customers, and ask them to provide the information needed for the design.

4. Web Design and Production

Customers provide the information, and we will make a website template. After the customers confirm the template, we will charge another 40% of the fee and start coding.

5. View and modify

After coding on web page is completed, clients can view it and ask us to make reasonable changes.

6. Web page test

Clients conduct a web page test after we complete each page. They can request adjustments. After the acceptance test, clients need to pay the remaining 20% of fee.

7. Launch the website

We will ensure normal operation of the website, and provide center management system (CMS) teaching. Customers can update and manage the information by themselves.