Web design

Comprehensive web design

Web design

Web design and production are the fusion of art and technology. We design and program for customers, and provide professional O2O solutions.

System Development

We develop various systems for different needs and platforms. Theses systems solve daily problems, and assist in integrating online platforms.

Mobile App

We have more than 10 years of experience in developing mobile apps. We have launched over a thousand mobile apps, served over one million users, and have over one million clicks every day.

Digital Marketing

We provide a variety of tools and services to assist customers in online marketing, extending from offline activities to online activities to improve their performance.


iShop provides one-stop service to help you build your own online shop. We provide highly customized services and high degree of freedom. iShop is suitable for customers who like DIY. We also have diversified online shop templates for customers to choose from. It is a good choice for customers who like to save time and effort.

Web Accessibility

A webpage designed to take into account the needs of people with disabilities. This design can not only attract more people to browse the web, but also create a caring image of the company. Not only the disabled can benefit from it, but others can also have a enjoyable browsing experience. They are able to surf the Internet in a bad network environment or in the case of temporary disability. The webpage complies with W3C recommended standards, which helps the company improve SEO and attract more visitors.

Hosting Services

We have provided email, web and server hosting services for more than 1,000 customers from government departments, hospitals, non-governmental organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises, educational organizations and churches.
Hosting plans

Content Management System (CMS)

GEN™ Edit Mode

Users can use the editing function of the CMS in the browsing page to directly edit the content of the web page.

Instant content editor

Users can edit web pages as if they were using word processing software. The editor also presets different layouts.

Photo Album

Drag and drop the picture to the page to complete the operation. The system can automatically adjust the size of the uploaded photos in proportion. Users can also zoom in or out by themselves, without the need for photo editing software.

Video Album

Users can upload video clips by themselves, or embed video clips from other servers such as YouTube.

Member information management

The system is equipped with member login and member registration function, which is convenient for members to check more information and activities. In addition, users can access and manage member information through CMS.

Latest News

Users can add, subtract and modify the latest news, categories, titles, pictures and publish time by themselves. They can display the above information on the homepage. They can search for designated old news by category, year, and month.

Event Management

Users can add, subtract and modify activity/course information and pictures by themselves. The system is equipped with an online registration function.

Map and Enquiry Form

Users can add or subtract the contact information, pictures and maps of the company or organization. They can add the online inquiry form to send the relevant information directly to the designated email or store it in the CMS system.


Registered members can reply and delete content in the forum. The user can set the administrator to manage the discussion forum.

Online Voting

Users can hold online voting, and add, subtract and modify the voting content by themselves.

Online Survey

Users can design the content of the questionnaire by themselves and obtain relevant data for analysis.